Breed Clubs and Registeries

American Kennel Club  (AKC)
Starting July 2015 the Miniature American Shepherds gained full recognition with AKC and entered the
Herding Group.    For those who opted to go AKC, we were forced to change the breed name from Mini
Australian Shepherd to Miniature American Shepherd.  AKC will no longer recognize a size variety of a
breed already on the books.  That is OK, the dogs didnt originate in Australia anyway.  There are still
parent clubs that are oppose to the workings of AKC therefore have kept thier dogs as Mini Aussies.  
That club would be MASCA.  AKC offers more events and activities for your dogs.

Miniature American Shepherd Club USA  (MASCUSA)
formerly North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club  (NAMASCUSA)
Name changed due to the club seeking AKC recognition which would not allow
the use of Miniature "Australian" Sherpherds... hence now Mini Americans !

Miniature Australian Shepherd Club   (MASCA)

International Miniature Australian Shepherd Club  (IMASC)
newly formed club in 2011

American Stock Dog  (ASDR)

National Stock Dog  (NSDR)

Continental Kennel Club  (CKC)

Toy Australian Shepherd Assn of America   (TASAA)

Aussie Health

Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics
Great site to answer concerns regarding diseased and genetics

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals  (OFA)       ($300-$500)

Canine Eye Registration Foundation  (CERF)     ($45-$65)

DNA Testing Centers for Genetic Disorders   (Good breeders spend alot of $$ on testing)
PRA-Prcd  (eyes)
Pawprint Genetics: ( as of 9/15/2015 $80)
Optigen:  (as of 5/28/11  $195)
Genomia in Slovakia:  (as of 5/28/11  $85)

CEA/CH  (eyes)
Optigen:  www.optigen. com   (as of 5/28/11  $180)

MDR-1  (drug sensitivity)
Washington State Univ:   (as of 5/28/11 $70)
Genomia in Czech Rep:     (as of 5/28/11  $83.50)

HSF4  (Juvenile Cataracts)
Animal Genetics      (as of 5/28/11  $45)

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy

Poisons and Dangers

Animal Poison Control        Phone # (888)426-44355    usually a $65 consultation fee applies

This is very important information for Aussie owners as well as several other breeds that could carry a
mutant MDR-1 gene

Dangerous Foods and Household Products

PLEASE do NOT donate to organizations such
as these (ASPCA, HSUS, PETA), you will be paying for lobbyist to take away "your" rights to own pets &
breeders rights to raise them in a family environment.  They do not contribute to shelters or help animals
as they claim.  
  HSUS is NOT the same as your LOCAL Humane Society !!  DONATE to you LOCAL
Shelter where your donations go the place you plan on "animals"

Conformation Show Venues

International All Breed Canine Assn.  (IABCA)

American Rare Breed Assn.  (ARBA)

Kennel Club USA  (KCUSA)

International Canine Kennel Club  (ICKC)

American Kennel Club   (AKC)

DOG FOOD RELATED  (click the given links for info)

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