Click on the link to read about Lifes Abundance , they offer wonderful products,
many of which are used here.  Should you choose their food there is an onsite  
calculator to determine how much food you will need for your furry friends.  
The cost may seem a little pricey, but you feed less and there is less waste.  You
can sign up for Autoship which also reduces the price, and is delivered to your
door fresh within 2 weeks of it being made, unlike those at the store that have sat
on a warehouse shelf for months and there has never been a Recall.  
We raise our pups either on the
Lifes Abundance all Life Stages or Bil Jac Small
Breed Adult.
 Before bringing your puppy home I will let you know which food
your puppy has been raised on thus far.  

With any food, I try to avoid Corn, Wheat, Soy since many times these are
allergens for your pet.  Also know what ingredients are in the treats that you
BEWARE of ingredients such as wheat flour, corn flour, undisclosed
sources of animal fat, meat by products, and bone marrow.  Propylene Glycol is
also used quite often as well as artificial colors and dangerous preservatives
such as BHA and BHT.
You NEVER want to give your pet Rawhide and there is an abundance of it on the
market... NO NO NO
I Highly Recommend the Porky Puffs for your new puppy and then Buffalo Bully
as they become teenagers.  With adults nothing last too long. They usually
get a knuckle bone but those can be hard on the teeth.  
There are also other products offered by this company that you might be
interested in, so take a look.
You can Place and Order for the Lifes Abundance Products by clicking here.
Also offerring Pet Insurance on the Order Site
Other foods we use/used with our adults include NutriSource and Purina Pro Plan
Sensitive Stomach Salmon.  Ocassionally, mature dogs get bored with their food
so we switch around some when needed.   With multiple dogs we must have a
food that works for all of them and finding a food where there has never been a
recall is not an easy task, but Life Abundance is one of those foods.

DogBreedInfo      (many good articles)
Leerburg (many articles)
Several other tips & articles will be included in your puppy

{Getting Prepared For Puppy}
Here are some excellent articles to help you get ready for your puppy's
homecoming:  (click on to get the info)
Ch 2: Raising A Puppy

Puppy's First Week at Home (8-9 weeks)

Puppy Playroom & Doggy Den

Errorless Housetraining

Errorless Chewtoy-Training

Home Alone

Puppy's First Month at Home (8-12 weeks)

Puppy Outside the Home

Here are a few books that many breeders recommend to puppy families.  

"Puppy Start Right"     by Kenneth M Martin

"The Perfect Puppy in 7 days"    by Dr. Sophia Yin

"The Official Ahisma Training Manual"    by Grisha Stewart

Pet Professional's Guild website: free membership
No Rawhide (Porky Puffs & Buffalo Bully Sticks are a great option)
No Toys or Beds with Stuffing ( until out of the chew stage)

Stuffable KONGS - recipes
Busy Buddy Twist n Treat
Keep it Simple, cheap & easy to replace
Pet Edge Pet Products
Revival Animal Health
Entirely Pets

Necessary Grooming Supplies

Pin Brush for Regular Brushing
Undercoat Rake for the times when blowing their coat
Nail Clippers regular routine nail trims
Immune System Support
Puppies sometime need a boost until
their Immune System is mature.  It all
starts in the gut and Probiotics are key.  
We use either:
Health Guard (water additive) or the
Mercola Probiotics
They are not meant to be abused as long term confinement, but
they are necessary to provide your puppy with a safe and secure
place to be, especially in the absence of their human companions.  
Dogs are naturally a "den" animal so they like the conforts of a nice
clean crate placed in a climate controlled area.  
Keep Teeth Clean
A good food and healthy chews are a huge help with
teeth.  Keep a toothbrush and PET toothpaste on hand
or Dental Wipes for needed touch ups.
NEVER use Human Toothpaste!  
Shampoo & Conditioner
I prefer an Aloe base or Natural
product.  AVOID OATMEAL base
shampoo / conditioner.
Try not to bathe to often
Pine Pellets I use for Litter Box from TSC
Paper Pellets are cleaner called
Yesterday News at Pet Stores